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Welcome to, before you read more about why I created the site that you are visiting today I invite you to read my little story to get to know a little bit about me, the owner of this site, sure maybe you don´t care about who I am or what I do but what if I told you, that I can guide you in how to make money online? Would you be Interested?

Before I start telling you about how I can help you, let me tell you the reason behind the creation of, my reason is primarily for giving support to all of my team in one of the programs that I am currently working on, now that you know my reason, now let me continue below by explaining how I can start to help you.

As you can see from my site title above, you can learn all you need to know about how to start working online and obviously start to make money.  This is your reason for being in the internet in the first place right?, But there is a catch to all of this, and this catch is that you need to be serious about making money online. I can tell you from experience that all of the fast cash schemes out there in the web are all fat lies, that will get you nowhere, if you want make money online then you need to work for it, both online and offline like a regular job but of course there is a difference between both and this is that now you are your own boss.

I hope you are not shocked by what you just read, but believe me that I am helping you to avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches, by telling you all this in advance, now that we have made the more basics things clear let me continue by telling you how I can help you achieve all of this.

And the way that I am going help you, is by explaining about how I make money online but before I do, let me add something more it is not going to happen overnight. It takes time, patience and a lot of hard work to get your reward, if you feel that this is not for you then I recommend you to stop reading this right now, otherwise continue reading below to find it out more.

History of SFI and what is it

Leaving behind all my bla bla about how I can help you, now I going to start explaining about the program where I earn money, but before that I would like to share with you about the history of SFI its foundation and what it is.

Strong future international (SFI) was founded back in the year 1998 by Gery Carson a top marketer of that are, a true “pioneer” in the years 1985-1998, if you would like to find more information about Gery Carson, then take a look in these sources “Money Maker´s Monthly,” “Upline,” “Opportunity World Magazine,” and also in several other books and videos.

Now to respond about what  it is, SFI was created to help people around the world by allowing them to experience the e-commerce revolution from their own home, by creating their own business online, to  sell the company products to others and earn a commission every time that a sale occur.

Basically it is one of the many affiliate programs out there on the web that allows you to sell their products for a commission, you have probably seen a lot of these type of programs on the web, but this one has free training included with it, making it different from other programs with no training (for more details read below), and as an extra you can remain an affiliate for free for as long as you want, a good thing if you currently face financial problems of some type.

 Who is this for?

Obviously this program is only good for people that want to make money online by selling products to other people and earning the commission for the sales, but aside from that exists another way of doing it, and this is by building an affiliate group or team of people under you and then teaching them the proper skills to do the same that you do, and that is to generate sales to get a commission.

Don´t worry if you are a newbie in all of this selling or recruiting I used to be a newbie when I started too, but don´t fear because I am here to guide you on your way so you do not get lost.

The Entrepreneur mindset

Maybe this is not related at all but before I continue to tell you more, I want to discuss a bit about what exactly an entrepreneur is, because an entrepreneur is basically a person or group of people that start a business or other organization like is explained in more detail here.

As you can see if you have follow the link, a person that is called an entrepreneur is someone that is able to convert an idea or invention into a successful innovation, also is someone that can do careful planning to adapt himself to all sorts of situations, by knowing the strength and weakness of their business.

Now for the question why someone may want to become an entrepreneur? I think the answer to that question can be that they are not happy with their current job, they need money to pay their bills, etc. or maybe it is like I said above, to take an idea or invention and convert it to a service or product then start to sell it to resolve others people problems.

Features of the program

Okay I think this is enough discussion about what an entrepreneur is and what they do, let me continue my bla-bla, I would like to continue by explaining about the different features of the program.

First I will start by explaining about the affiliate center inside, it is divided in the followings sections “Home,” “Hot spots,” “Income,” “Marketing,” “Reference,” “Training,” “Power tools,” “Leaders,” “Misc.,” “Support” and “My Acct,” I would like to explain all of these sections in detail, but if I did that, it would make my explanation too technical and boring to read right?

Inside the SFI affiliate center

Inside the SFI affiliate center

Instead I going to give you a small explanation of the ways of earning that this company has put to your disposition, The primary one is  obviously, referring others to their products, and if those that you refer make a purchase you earn a commission, and  like I  said before, the second way, is to build your own team of affiliates and then teach them how to generate sales by themselves.

The Free Training Inside

Now to continue with this I like to write a short summary of the type of training that you can read inside (you can read more about the training by surfing my site), we can find that they range from learning to make sales by selling their products like I have say so many times, Articles for learning to build strong teams of affiliates under you, The first Launchpad lessons (more details in this here), how to get started with SFI, The rules for success written by Gery Carson himself.

There some more lessons you can find inside if you explore enough, Also There is the forum where you can ask for support from other members or just hang out to read what other members have posted around, ummm… let me think if I have forgot to tell you something.

Oh right! Maybe you were wondering about the products that you can promote to others, well these can be found in the store that is part of SFI since several years ago but since I am writing about SFI and not Tripleclicks I won´t going to give you any details about it in this page.

What I think

To put an end to all this I like to share my personal opinion about what I think about this program after joining back in the year 2012, and I think that SFI is a very good program (and 100% legit) for any person that like to learn about how to start his/her business online, making money online and become one of many entrepreneurs around the world, of course the final decision of what to think about it depend by you.

Hope you have find this helpful and sorry for the mistakes in my writing that you may have found along the way.

If you like to join under my team in this program  and start to receive my guidance right away then just click here or in the banner below, and if you have any comment or questions please leave them below.

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