The Benefits of Fast-Track and what is it 2

The following information only apply to current affiliates in SFI, if you are interested in joining click here.

This time I like to explain how you become a Fast-Track member once you join SFI and what are their benefits for you so let begin the explanation can we?

What is a Fast-Track member and how I become one?

Become a Fast-Track member

Fast-Track in Strong Future International

A Fast-Track member is basically a affiliate that is a go-getter in advancing with the actions in their To-Do List” they are like to do thing fast hence the name.

In order to become a Fast-Track member in SFI you need to do the following actions of the “Getting Started Actions”

  • Confirming your e-mail with SFI
  • Adding to your contacts so you do not miss their e-mails
  • Completing your Affiliate Profile in SFI
  • For sending a message of commitment to your sponsor
  • For uploading your photo to the Affiliate Center (if you need help with this please click here)

To make easy for new affiliates these actions are marked with a Green or red JET icons in your list also you need to complete them before 10 days has passed since you join SFI.

Now this is the first of the two requirements for become a Fast-Track member in SFI, the second one is the following.

Generate a mínimum of $ 20 in sales or purchases in between the day you joined and before 10 days has passed.

No too difficult to do right? Well maybe the second requirement can be difficult for you if you do not have money or have a limited Budget but you can also make sales to meet this requirement.

If for any reason you cannot make $ 20 before your first 10 days in SFI you can request for a extension but only in the last 3 days before the 10 days window.

Below I put a link to apply for a extension, only click in it if you are a new member of SFI and you are in your last 3 days since you join.

Click here to apply for a extension for your Fast-Track qualifications

Ok Now we continue by explaining about the benefits that you get for becoming a Fast-Track member

What do you get for becoming a Fast-Track member?

The following benefits are only available if you become a Fast-Track member during your first 10 days.

  • You get 250 Versapoints added
  • You get 30 Daily Grand entries, in the Daily Grand you may win one of the following: 10 Tcredits (for purchasing things in, 10 Csas (For starting to build your team), 1 Prestige domain (useful for advertising in social networks), 50 MRP (these are similar to Tcredits), 50 VP, 100 VP and 200 VP.
  • You get Fast-Track bonus shares (you get 10% more share in the Tripleclicks Executive Pool every month)
  • A exclusive Fast-Track badge will be displayed in your affiliate center (can be silver if you meet the two qualifications above or gold if you meet the qualifications plus you have a 1500 VP Standing Order set up during your first 10 days in SFI)

    Fast-Track badges that you can earn

    Fast-Track badges that you can earn

  • Your name and photo will be added to the Fast-Track Wall of Fame”
  • A certificate suitable for framing (below is a image of my certificate)

    My Certificate (Click to enlarge)

    My Certificate (Click to enlarge)

  • A Fast-Track Member Lapel Pin for showing the world how awesome you are.

And this is everything that the be Fast-Track member will give you, hope my explanation has help you understand about this matter.

In case that you need help feel free to leave me a comment below or just to say what do you think about this post also you can contact me here if you like.

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Robert Peterson

Hi Francisco,
I just want to correct you on one thing, you do not receive a prestige domain for being Fast Track.
To see all of the benefits go to this link.