Daily, weekly and monthly actions (STEP 3)

Welcome to step 3

If you have questions of what VP or versapoints mean take a look in this page for my explanation.

In this step I going to discuss about the daily, weekly and monthly actions in SFI, unlike the previous ones all of these can be done every month as long you remain as an active SFI affiliate, is a good idea to make a habit of checking all of them in the beginning of every month especially the daily ones.

Forming habits with daily actions

Daily Actions in SFI (Click the image to open it in a new window)

Monthly and weekly actions

Weekly and monthly actions (Click the image to open it in a new window)

Continue to do the daily actions every day and eventually they will become a good habit for you plus you learn new things along by reading them so much, by the way the daily actions are show as red tabs in your SFI homepage to complete them just click in the button in the end of each page (don´t just scroll to the bottom of the page to click the button! take some time to actually read the page)

To continue I like to discuss The weekly and monthly actions these give you points only once every week(the week start in Sunday for SFI) or one time for month for monthly ones.

They are not too difficult to figure it out but maybe some of them cannot be done by new affiliates like the “Sending group support messages” and “Completing the SFI Sponsor/Co-sponsor ratings form,” the first one need that you have recruited at least 1 person under you, until you have this person with you, you can´t send any kind of messages, the second one need that you have been with SFI for at least  two months and has scored a mínimum of 500 VP in your previous month to be able to do it.

Aside from these two actions almost all the others actions can be completed for free without any problem.

I think all these steps cover all of the most basics actions for new affiliates in SFI but in case that I am forgetting something let me know by contact me and I will add it soon as I can to this training.

Have any question or comments to do about this step? As always leave them below and I reply as fast as I can.

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