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Image courtesy of  © Poznyakov | Dreamstime.com

Image courtesy of © Poznyakov | Dreamstime.com

So what are the ways to earn money with these two?

If you are reading this then chance are is that have you some interest in what I have write in my homepage I am right?

Then let me share with you about the ways to earn money in SFI and Tripleclicks.com.

This way you will have a clear idea of what to expect inside or if you already a member then this will make things easier for you.

Direct Commissions

First I will explain about the direct commissions but what is a commission in the first place? A commission is something that you earn if you manage to sell a company product to other person.

This is only a percentage of the sale and not the total like a 50% of commission to put an example.

Ok now let see the commission structure that SFI and Tripleclicks has

You earn a 45% of the CV (Commission Volume) every time that a person that you refer to SFI or Tripleclicks make a purchase.

Let take a look in the image below to understand this better:

Take a closer look in the values

For more details in what Versapoints are please read this.

As you can see in the case of product show in the image the commission volume is $1,36 without a SO and by $1,29 with a SO but what is SO? SO stand for Standing Order and it just a recurring payment that a person has setup for a certain product every month.

So like the image above show the direct commission will be of $0,61/$0,58 SO every time that someone make a purchase you earn this.

There other things in the image but I will explain them in time.

Tripleclicks Executive Pool

Let continue by explaining what the Tripleclicks Executive Pool is, the company put the 40% of the CV of each sale into a pool every month for all their affiliates to share in.

In order to share from it you need to achieve the rank of EA or higher for more details about what are and how the ranking system work click here.

Once you have achieved the rank then you only need to score VP, for each of them you earn a share of the pool the more VP the better.

Co-Sponsor Commissions

Now let continue with the Co-Sponsor commissions those only apply to SFI affiliates they are similar to the Direct Commissions but instead of paying the 45% of CV they only pay the 15% but they still can add up if you have a lot of CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)

What is a CSA? Basically is someone that another person in SFI has refer but you are not their sponsor only the Co-Sponsor, this where name the come from.

Hope I am making myself clear up to this point.

TCredit Bonus

These act like a virtual currency for Tripleclicks you can exchange them for a product if you have enough of them.

By the way you can receive 10 tcredit for free once you become an EA2 (just remain as an EA for 2 consecutive months or more) and depending in your rank you can receive up to 20 tcredits/month.

ECA Referral Program

Refer companies that sells products to Tripleclicks.com and you can start to earn ECA Royalties in each of this ECA sales for life, you earn 10% in the CV for each sale.

Very Nice so far right?

SFI Pay-Per-Action

This source of income is for those that want to act that an advertiser for SFI the people that you refer with this program will not be under you but if your signup qualify you can earn up to $ 10 for each of them.

My final thoughts

As you can see for the ways described above can earn with all of these ways in SFI.

  • 45% in Direct Commissions
  • If you are an EA or higher you earn a share in the Tripleclicks Executive Pool every month for each VP that you have, the more the better.
  • 15% in Co-Sponsor Commissions
  • 10% in ECA Royalties for life
  • Pay-per-action $ 10 for each qualified signup

So let make some math 45% + 15% + 10% = 70% if you have all the commissions without counting the PPA and the shares of the Tripleclicks Executive Pool.

As you can see the earning potential with SFI and Tripleclicks is only limited by what you want to do.

In case that you want to share something with me feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me here.

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Vanda Zuzek

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