Getting started in SFI (STEP 1)

Hello again

!!Warning all the actions explained below are one-time actions, once they are completed they cannot be make again!!

If you have questions of what VP or versapoints mean take a look in this page for my explanation.

This time I going to write about how to perform the more basics actions once you join SFI, but you still can read all of these without joining if you like.

For the rest of the training I am going to assume that you are already a member of SFI, well let´s get started can we?

We are going to begin with a screenshot of the all getting started actions that SFI let you do in the instant that you join, all of these can be found in your “To-do list” tab in your SFI Homepage.

Getting started in SFI

Your First actions in SFI (click to open in a new window)

Now I going to give you a short summary in some of these:

  • Fast-Track member: These Versapoints are awarded if you two requirements before your first 10 days in SFI has passed for more details in this please click here.
  • Confirming your registration and whitelisting SFI e-mail: to make these just click in the link in each of these actions and follow the instrucions they are very easy to do for most people but maybe some people may have trouble with these two.
  • By completing your affiliate profile, registering as an a2a member and sending you commitment message: just like the previous one these can be done by clicking the link in the actions.
  • If you have trouble with the “uploading your photo” action please read this post to help you sort it out or just contact me here for further help.
  • The actions that are for following SFI and Tripleclicks in Facebook and twitter going to needed that you have an account in these two social networks prior to complete them .
  • The rest of the actions are just for reading or reviewing pages in SFI and clicking the green “V” icons in the pages for crediting the points.

Alternatively to all of these things that I have told you so far you can watch this getting started with SFI video that the president of SFI Gery Carson made for all of their affiliates.

Also you can read the SFI Basics and Start in SFI by looking for these icons in your Affiliate Center.

Start and SFI Basics

Have any questions or comments? Leave them below or contact me here and I will reply them as fast as I can.

Hope that you have like the training let go To Step 2

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