How to choose a good domain name

Picking a good name for your domain

If you are planning to buy or own a domain name now or in the future make sure to read the short explanation of what a domain is below.

What is a domain?

A Domain is basically the unique name a website has to make it different from other in the Internet, an example of a domain name can be this very website whose name is “firedyourboss”.

Before choosing a domain the following points should be considered, normally there more details for this but to not make this too long I am going to resume it, if you have questions about this just post a comment below.

Tips for choosing a good domain name

  • Make sure your website name and your domain name have a similar name this way you don´t confuse your visitors by thinking they are visiting the wrong site.
  • Make the name of your domain not too long or too short and try not to use symbols or other hard to remember characters to make it easy to remember and write.
  • Make sure to think in your future visitors or customers when you are choosing your domain name because even if you like the name don´t mean other people will like it think carefully.
  • Think of at least three domain names by doing this you will have other choices in case the name you like the most is taken by someone else.
  • Don´t make your domain name too long Visitors will be unable to remember it and may never return even if they like your website.
  • Don´t use hyphens to choose your domain name unless you do not have other choice this is because if a visitor like your site and recommend it to others they may forgot to mention that the name have hyphens in it, they may go to other similar site instead.
  • Try to pick a domain name ending with .com since this is the more popular choice if you can´t try to pick a .net instead this is the 2nd most popular.
  • Try to make your domain name friendly to the search engines this way you will get more visitors.

This all I can share with you without filling your head with too many technical stuff and making it too complicated to remember Hope you like it.

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