How to issue a gift certificate in SFI

Step by step in how to issue a G.cert

You need to be a member of SFI and have the rank of EA or above to use this information, make sure you are both before reading any further.

Now I going to write about how to issue a Gift certificate to one of your team members to reward them for their hard work or for achieving a certain milestone here come the explanation:

  • First I going tell you about the minimum and maximum amount to issue one and they are $ 2 as minimum and $ 100 as maximum, you can also set the days to expiration between 1-90 days in most.
  • Now let continue by how to do it, first you need to have funds in your Tripleclicks account to add funds click in the image below to add $ 10 to your member account.
purchasing a g.cert worth $ 10

G. cert worth $ 10

Just add the item to your cart and complete the purchase like you are buying other items, once the purchase is completed you may need to wait between 2 -3 working days for the funds to become available (this is to prevent fraud).

Gift certificate manager in SFI

The gift certificate manager (click the imagen to open it in a new window)

  • Now go to your genealogy in SFI and select the “G Cert.” tab and use the filters above to search for the member that you want to reward (I recommend use the SFI ID filter this way you make sure you have the right person) once you have find it click the “Buy Now” button, set the amount and days to expiration that you like and click the “issue certificate” button to finish.
G. cert tab in genealogy

G. cert tab in genealogy (Click the image to open it in a new window)

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