How to set up a standing order

Step by step in how create a SO

Before attempting these steps make sure to be a member of or SFI.

Today I going to teach you how to set a Standing order or SO in

Step 1

First click here this will show you all the items that have standing order.

List of Products with SO

Products with SO (Click the image to see a larger version)

Step 2

Next click in any item that you like to include in your SO or to create it in the image below I select 1 tcredit in purpose to give you an example.

Adding or creating SO

Selecting items for your SO (Click in the image to see a larger versión)

Just like the image above show select “Add to cart” button then choose how many of the item you want and check the box to add or create your SO.

Step 3

Next go to your Standing Order Manager then select “Edit Your Standing Order” or in case that is your first SO if may say create instead, Next check to see that all items you want are included.

Fill in your payment details like the image below say (for security reason some of the fields are black otherwise anybody will see my SO)

Payment details for SO

Finishing your SO (click the image to see a larger version)

Final step

Once you have fill your billing address, shipping address and the other details finish your SO by clicking the “Submit/Update Standing Order” button.

All of these steps are for a SO with credit/debit card, in case you like to use PayPal instead then first you need to click the “Create PayPal billing Agreements” button that can be found in the Standing Order Manager page.

Have any questions or comment to do about this? Leave them below and I will reply as fast as I can or contact me here.

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