How to track your SFI advertisement with keycodes

The Information in this post is only for current Tripleclicks or SFI members if you like to join click here.

I going to teach you how to track the number of hits to your SFI gateways receive when you advertise them.

For a list of your Gateways click here.

First you need to choose if you want to use the paid gateways or the free gateways then do the following.

SFI Free Gateway SFI ID here).10/FREE

In the above example I use the keycode number 10 in the end of where you put your SFI ID then I go to advertise it, later you can see how many hits you receive for this particular keycode here.

SFI PPA Gateways SFI ID here).10/real

Same as above instead of “” is “” take note that people enrolled through this gateway will be no under you but under someone else in SFI.

The difference between the 2 is you get a bounty for each qualified signup (one time only) for more information in the SFIPPA Program click here.

Hope this is easy to understand in case that you still have then just leave me a comment or contact me here.

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