How to use the Co-Op Manager

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Creating and adding participants

Today I going teach you about how to use the Co-op Manager one of the Power Tools that SFI have for their affiliates before we start remember that for using the Co-op manager you need to achieve the rank of EA or higher otherwise you can`t use this tool.

Now to start with the Co-Op Manager Click here then select “Start a new Co-Op” feel free to read the links in the page if you like.

Starting a CO-OP

Click where the image say to begin

Choosing the Co-Op type

The first time there be two choices “Your Gateway Site” and “S-Builder Co-Op” this last option is for when you purchase or win at least one unit of S-Builder in the first option is your real2 SFI Gateway once you choose one of the choices put a keycode a help you designated leads for the co-op and one description for easy identification of what the co-op is about.

Choosing CO-OP type and assignment

Select the source of your co-op and assignment type

Recently SFI has introduced a new keycode to funnel PSAs from PSA to GO and if you win them in Pricebenders Auctions.

You may notice that the “S-builder Co-Op” option is grayed out this is because you only can have 1 of these active in a time.

Types of assignment in the your co-op

Next is the assignment type “shares” or “signups” shares mean the signups will be distributed equally between the participants of the co-op here is an example “the co-op generate 10 signups and you put that each participants receive 1 shares with 5 participants each of them will received 2 signups in total” signups “mean you guaranteed a certain number of signups not more or less let say 5 guaranteed signups for participant” this option is more for the expert marketer though so I recommend you choose the shares option.

Once you have chosen click the “Create a new Co-Op” button.

Adding participants to a Co-Op

Now I going to teach how to add participants to your new co-op for this purpose I am going to add myself, by the way you can have an unlimited numbers of co-op going if you want and each of them can have all the participants you want.

Now for adding participants in your co-op manager click in the keycode you assigned in the previous lesson (in my case is 3101) then scroll down the page until you see an box where you can enter the SFI ID of your participant and how many shares or signups this participant will get then click the button if say “Add Coop Participant” and you`re all done just repeat the process with any additional affiliate in your team you want to include in your campaign.

Adding participants

For obvious reason my SFI ID is omited but feel free to put yours if you like

Your Co-op URL

Now below the add coop participant button there a URL this you need to advertise it somewhere and any signups if received will be share between the members of the co-op also you can remove participants in any time by clicking the “remove” button next to the affiliate name.

Your own custom URL

Your new advertising url

This all I can teach you about how the Co-op Manager in SFI work.

If you still have any question feel free to the leave a comment below or contact me here.

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