Knowing the launchpad (STEP 2)

Welcome to step 2

!!Warning all of the Launchpad lessons are one-time actions, once they are completed they cannot be make again!!

If you have questions of what VP or versapoints mean take a look in this page for my explanation.

Today I like to write about the Launchpad in SFI, you can start reading these as soon after joining by clicking the green icon in your affiliate center.

SFI Launchpad

The famous SFI Launchpad (Click the image to enlarge)

All of these lessons were created for reading 1 lesson for day for your first 30 days in SFI, but of course you can read all of them at once. In my opinion is better to read 1/day by doing it this way you can digest all of the information slowly and not suffer from information overload for reading too much.

Another feature that all of the Launchpad lessons have is that they come with a short quiz in them, by answering the question correctly you earn 15 VP for lesson.

Let do some math then, there a total of 30 lessons that give 15 VP each one.

30 * 15= 450 Versapoints in total

I think there nothing else to say about the Launchpad that I have not already say above, just take your time in read them carefully and you will not have any problem with them.

If you feel you have question or comments about this step of my training then please leave them below or contact me here and I will reply as fast that my time allow.

Let continue To Step 3

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