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Hello!A picture of myself

I am Francisco Javier, I live in Chile and I started this blog to write about what SFI and Tripleclicks is and in what ways you benefit from joining.

I joined SFI and Tripleclicks back in September of 2012 with no clue of what to do next but day after day I started to understand how things work in the site and now I am quite good in explaining and helping my team with their questions.

The Reason I joined this program are because I wanted to achieve personal freedom, I don´t wanted to have to follow a routine or a set Schedule like in a traditional job, Not, I can be my own boss, set my own Schedule and only work for myself and nobody else.

Of course I wanted to earn money too like everybody whoever search online for business opportunitys or only to earn a litle money, but these not were the only reasons like I write above I also wanted to have my own business online and this site was the right choice for me.

Without anything else to share with you rigth now I hope you like my site and I look forward to your next visit. Feel free to leave me a comment below in case you have questions or just want share your thougths.


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Vanda Zuzek
i wanted to work online. From the first day I was looking for a job. that would bring me pleasure, plenty to satisfy my curiosity to know a lot of people and also to get the payment. When I discovered the SFI I was alone , no one did not help me. It was a revelation for me. Now I’m happy and I know that SFI is what I was looking for all my life. I had a job ever morning took the children in kindergarten, school and rushed home. Now I know that this work came to me late… Read more »