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I Have write this to motivate you to work SFI and Tripleclicks Hope you find it useful feel free to share it with any person you like including your own downline (except the image).

Rules of Success

  1. Treat your business…like a business! In This Rule SFI President Gery Carson explain how to treat SFI as a business and not like a hobby
  2. Do something to grow your business every day take action every day to grow in SFI and grow your business and it will become prosperous
  3. Lead by Example want your team to do what you do? Then show them how you do it then they will follow your example.
  4. Work with the workers As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink so work closely with active members of your downline, use the Movers Tab in your Homepage to Identify those persons.
  5. Treat Tripleclicks as YOUR store Transfer goods and services you purchase in other stores to Tripleclicks because your success as a SFI affiliate if tied directly to Tripleclicks.
  6. YOU succeed only if THEY succeed Make Sure to support your downline the best you can because if they are successful you will be successful Don`t leave them alone help them along the way.
  7. YOU Make it happen, no one else Only yourself can make it happen not one else don`t blame your lack of success in anything else because if you do that then you will be have a victim`s mentality.
  8. Leaders are readers If you`re really serious about SFI then you should login to the Affiliate Center at least once every day and do all the daily actions also you should acquire more knowledge by reading a e-book or by searching the web for information in Marketing.
  9. Open your eyes to your potential Inside of every one of us if the potential to become very successful so then why only few are successful? The answer is you need to believe in your potential and break from what you`re being teach until now.
  10. Set goals…and publish them! You can`t have success in SFI and in your life if you don`t make goals but only the 5% of the people make goals and the rest nothing at all.
  11. Have a plan (a realistic plan) Failing to plan if failing to succeed so if you want to succeed make a realistic plan in your first 6-12 months in SFI.
  12. Winning starts with beginning Start with what you have right now don`t wait for the perfect time do the best you can and the rest will come later to you.
  13. Focus Make sure to focus all your effort in master one thing instead of trying to master too many things at once probably you don`t get any of them done this way.
  14. Send praise down (and criticism up) If you have a complaint don`t go with it to your downline, ask for help from your upline member and don`t use SFI Forum for complaints only for sharing positive things or contributing with the community.
  15. Don`t quit in the moment you quit of SFI or in anything else in your life you`re missing in a probably success but if you quit in everything success will never come to you.
  16. Think Big If you want big results then do big actions as SFI slogan say aim High Dream Big.
  17. Don`t major in minors Don`t lets small problem distract you from the Big Picture Only Focus in the positive things.
  18. Don`t be a negative thinker Don`t let other tell you if impossible Think for yourself and believe in yourself have positives attitudes all of the time.
  19. Some will, some won`t. So what? Someone`s waiting! Next! For every 20 people you present the SFI opportunity expect 19 no`s for every yes don`t let rejections bother you just continue ahead without thinking about it too much.
  20. Persist until you win Want to be successful? Then persist until you get it don`t quit and don`t lose hope and you will eventually get everything you want.

Need more details about these rules?

If you like more details of every rules you can read them here (You need to be a member of SFI first to read the rules), also there an audio version where SFI President Gery Carson explain each one of them.

So what do you think about these rules? Did you like them? Feel free to leave your thought about them with a comment below or contact me here.

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