Listing your used stuff for sale in

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Steps for listing

This Time I going to teach you how you can list your used stuff for sale in Tripleclicks so can win some cash selling them to others members.

Step 1

First you`re going to need 1 tcredit for each item you want to list, click here and choose how many do want or have win them in a Eager Zebra game, once you have the number of tcredits that you need go here.

Step 2

First fill all the information for the product you`re listing like item description, Keywords that the potential buyers will search your item for in Tripleclicks and description of the item up to 700 words long also choose the condition of your ítem.

Setting Item description

Enter your Item details

Step 3

Now select in which department and sub department you want your item to appear in the image I choose the electronics department and under it the Batteries & Chargers sub departments.

Choosing department in Tripleclicks

Choose department first then sub department

Step 4

Next you need to put the price you`re asking for in US Dollars and enter if choose you`re going to ship the item yourself to the buyer or using the local pickup only option also you can enter shipping notes if you like.

Setting up price an shipping

Go ahead and add your details

Step 5

The last option if good if you want to sell only in your country but you don`t want to reveal your contact information to the buyer in this way the sale occur between the buyer and the seller (you)

Local Pickup?

Do you want to ship it or not?

Step 6

Once you have click in the continue button you will see a page for adding photos with your item you can add up to three photos and each one with a caption if you like.

Adding images to your listing

Go ahead and add some nice pictures

Final Step

The last step is to confirm your listing make sure to review your details, once you are happy click the list it! Button otherwise the cancel button

Confirm your listing

If you are happy go ahead and list it

If you have question or comments feel free to leave them below or contact me here for a more personalized support.

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