Setting up the gateway hosting manager in SFI

You going to need to have your own domain name and be a member of SFI first before you can complete the steps below.

Steps using Cpanel

Today I am going to write about the Gateway Hosting Manager in SFI and how to make it work for you.

Before you can use it you are going to need to purchase your own domain name or also called website, hosting it is optional but I recommend you that you do it anyway because this will allow you to have a blog like mine, if you have questions about what domains and hosting are or need help with those just contact me.

Once you have your domain working you are going to need to create a DNS CNAME RECORD just like it say in your Gateway Hosting Manager.

The Ways to create it vary from company to company so the below steps may not apply to you, If you need help with this make sure to ask me before you go into modify any setting in your domain, you do not want to mess up.

Well here are the steps I take to create a CNAME RECORD:

Step 1

Login to your Cpanel in your domain (For Questions about what Cpanel is just contact me)

Step 2

Locate the Option that is say “Simple DNS Zone Editor” and click in it.

The Simple DNS Editor

Simple DNS Zone Editor

  • Below where is say “Add a CNAME RECORD” you will see two fields one say “Name” and the second say “CNAME
  • In the “Name” field put the name you like to use for the CNAME RECORD in my case I type “sfireal” once you do it your domain name will be automatically included next to the name you choose.
  • Next in the “CNAME” field you have to input the following “” then click in the “Add CNAME Record” button to finishing adding the new “CNAME RECORD

    Cname record

    Adding CNAME Record

Final Step

  • Now for finishing go to your gateway hosting manager in SFI(URL above) then enter the name of your “CNAME RECORD” in the field marked “Enter your domain” then choose to what gateway you will be redirect with it, In my case I type “” then I choose the SFI REAL gateway to redirect.
  • You can input a keycode if you want to, then once you are done click the “Save this Domain” button.
Setting up the Gateway Hosting Managerv1.1

Finishing setting up

If everything go well the ending result will look like this

Try visiting this address and you will notice that if take you to my gateway for signing to SFI but my ID don´t appear in the address bar in your browser but instead the name above Very Nice Right?

Have any questions or comments to do? Leave them below and I will reply them as fast as I can or contact me here.

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