Choosing CO-OP type and assignment

How to use the Co-Op Manager

The Information in this post is only for current Tripleclicks or SFI members if you like to join click here. Creating and adding participants Today I going teach you about how to use the Co-op Manager one of the Power Tools that SFI have for their affiliates before we start remember that for using the Co-op manager you need to achieve the rank of EA or higher otherwise you can`t […]

purchasing a g.cert worth $ 10

How to issue a gift certificate in SFI

Step by step in how to issue a G.cert You need to be a member of SFI and have the rank of EA or above to use this information, make sure you are both before reading any further. Now I going to write about how to issue a Gift certificate to one of your team members to reward them for their hard work or for achieving a certain milestone here come […]