Get your own video splash page to promote SFI and Tripleclicks

Why you should have one in the first place? Hi This time I like to discuss about how to get your own video splash page but first let me tell you why you should get one in the first place. The reason is more obvious than you may think, branding, with your own video splash page will be stand over the rest of SFI affiliates that are just using the […]

Setting up the gateway hosting manager in SFI

You going to need to have your own domain name and be a member of SFI first before you can complete the steps below. Steps using Cpanel Today I am going to write about the Gateway Hosting Manager in SFI and how to make it work for you. Before you can use it you are going to need to┬ápurchase your own domain name or also called website, hosting it is […]

Choosing CO-OP type and assignment

How to use the Co-Op Manager

The Information in this post is only for current Tripleclicks or SFI members if you like to join click here. Creating and adding participants Today I going teach you about how to use the Co-op Manager one of the Power Tools that SFI have for their affiliates before we start remember that for using the Co-op manager you need to achieve the rank of EA or higher otherwise you can`t […]

purchasing a g.cert worth $ 10

How to issue a gift certificate in SFI

Step by step in how to issue a G.cert You need to be a member of SFI and have the rank of EA or above to use this information, make sure you are┬áboth before reading any further. Now I going to write about how to issue a Gift certificate to one of your team members to reward them for their hard work or for achieving a certain milestone here come […]

The Benefits of Fast-Track and what is it 2

The following information only apply to current affiliates in SFI, if you are interested in joining click here. This time I like to explain how you become a Fast-Track member once you join SFI and what are their benefits for you so let begin the explanation can we? What is a Fast-Track member and how I become one? A Fast-Track member is basically a affiliate that is a go-getter in […]