The ranks in SFI

The differences between them

If you need to know what VP mean please read this page to know more.

This time I going to write about the ranks in SFI what they mean, what are the benefit for you and how to obtain each of them here we go.

SFI ranks

Badges showing each Rank

Affiliate (0 – 1499 vp)

This is the starting Rank of every affiliate in SFI there no too many benefits by having it except receiving direct commissions (45% of the CV) in almost every purchase from the people that you refer to SFI and Tripleclicks
You can obtain it for free basically.

Executive Affiliate EA or EA2 (1500 VP or more)

You should try to maintain this Rank every month once you achieve it The benefits for this one are the same as Affiliate plus a few more here they are.

You start to receive your share in the Tripleclicks Executive Pool every month as long you remain EA.

You receive Co-sponsor commissions (15%) in almost any purchase of your CSA.

ECA Royalties: Refer ECA to and you will receive 10% of the CV (commission volume) for life in every sale that the ECA make.

  • You start receiving between 10-20 free tcredit depending in your rank every month.
  • You´re assigned a min of 2 CSA every month to build your team.
  • You can use the Co-Op manager of SFI to shares the signups generated through your SFI gateways with your team.
  • You can use the reassignment Manager for reassign some of your PSAs to your hard workings affiliates

You can use the Gift Certificate Program for rewarding your hard working teammates (I use this one for my contest)

Team Leader (see below for details)

This is the Rank you should try to achieve and maintain There five of them here are the details of each of them.

BTL* (Bronze Team Leader)

A minimum of 1500 vp and a maximum of 2000 sales versapoints** are needed additionally you need between 1000-1500 vp in actions versapoints making a total of around 3000 VP.

STL* (Silver Team Leader)

A minimum of 1500 vp and a maximum of 2500 for sales versapoints** are needed additionally you need between 1500-2500 vp actions versapoints making a total of around 4000 VP.

GTL* (Golden Team Leader)

For this Rank you need a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 3000 sales versapoints** plus you need to earn between 2000-3500 action versapoints needing a total of 5000 VP.

PTL* (Platinum Team Leader)

This is the last Rank that need a combination of sales and action versapoints to be achieved, you need a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 3500 sales versapoints** as may be guessing you need even more actions versapoints, for be more precise you need between 2500-4500 action versapoints, a lot huh?.

DTL* (Diamond Team Leader)

This Rank it was added recently to the SFI ranking system and you need to have 1500 personal sales versapoints and a mimimum of 5 PTL in your first level generation in order to obtain it Think you can?

In case that you need even more details in how to reach each Rank than this post has give you feel free to visit this page in SFI called:

The Plan

*Additionally you need to maintain your leadership page In the 1, 11, 21 day of every month SFI will ask you to click a button in the upper part of your leadership page.

Also you need a minimum of 3 star rating (don´t apply w/less than 5 PSA ratings you)

**The Sales Versapoints are only earned in sales and purchases in

The Benefit for team leaders in SFI are the same that EA plus:

You start to earn matching VP in any affiliate in your downline whose Rank be EA2 or above you need to be EA2 and team leader first of course, the matching vp are similar to the Executive Pool(you earn money with each actions that your EA2 affiliates make).

SFI will give you Second Home CSA(people in their second month or beyond since they join SFI) every month BTLs receive 1 shares, STLs 2 shares, GTLs 3 shares and PTL 4 shares By the way I received this month 1 shares since I am a BTL (51 CSA) you usually receive them around the 15 of each month as long you remain as a team leader

Did you know you get 100 actions vp for every person in your team whose Rank if EA2 or higher? More details in the team leadership & support section of your VP Ledger.

Have questions or comments? Please leave them below and I will reply as fast that I can or contact me here.

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