How to upload your photo to SFI

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You needed to be a member of SFI if you want to do these steps!!

In this article I going discuss about the steps that I take for uploading my photo to the SFI affiliate center let see the steps I take.

Step 1

First we take a nice picture of our face that look clear in my case I going to share the attributes of my new picture

Dimensions: 2448 x 3264 pixels
Size: 1, 41 MB
File type: JPEG

Your picture can be in around these dimensions if you like but I recommend that not it too big.

Step 2

Now for the next step we need to go here then we follow the instrucions of the “step 1” by clicking the button “explore” to search for the picture we like to use in our computer once you have picked a nice picture click the “upload” button to go to the next step.

Step 1

Step 1 (Click to enlarge)

Step 3

In this step we need to scale and crop our picture to make it look better, we can rotate it with the buttons below the picture and we can drag a square by clicking in it and holding the left or right mouse button, once you are happy with how your picture look click the “Save cropped photo” button.

Step 2

Step 2 (click to enlarge)

Final step

In the last step we see a preview in how our cropped picture will look in the affiliate center if you are happy with it click the “save affiliate photo” button.

Step 3

Final Step (Click to enlarge)

Now that we have completed all these steps we need to wait that SFI approve your
picture until then it will not show in SFI.

To end this little training I have changed my picture to another one to give you an idea about how is done.

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