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Versapoints and their use


What are and how versapoints work

In this page I going to explain what Versapoints are and their purpose.
Versapoints(VP) are used in SFI for ranking each of their affiliates again others and based in the total of Versapoints that you have acumulated so far SFI will give you a Power Ranking this ranking is just to see how well you perform against others SFI affiliates.

Aside from the power ranking there also other rankings that use VP these are “Versapoints Leaderboard,” “VP Streak,” “Country leaders,” “Class” and the “E365 Challenge”.

Now let me explain how do you earn them, VP can be earned by doing the actions outlined in your “To-do list”  any actions in the list that you do will also help you to learn about SFI and Tripleclicks and get trained.

Also there two types of VP in SFI the “monthly” and the “Total” below I will explain in more details about each one.

  • Monthly VP: This one reset to 0 once the current month end this happen because this VP is used by SFI to calculate the commission for all of their affiliates for the previous month so there no point for SFI to keep it month after month.
  • Total VP: This is used for the different types of rankings that I mention above some of this VP expire after 180 days has pass since you earn them, the reason for this is to give all of the affiliates a chance in the different rankings and for technical purposes in SFI servers

VP are also used to calculate how many shares you get from the Tripleclicks Executive Pool (more in what is this in another article).

Take note that some actions in your to-do list give you VP that never expire not matter how many time pass, you see the difference in that VP expirings actions are marked in red whether no expire ones are white in your to-do list.

I forget to tell you that VP also determined your SFI rank for the current month the ranks are the following AFF, EA or EA2, BTL, STL, GTL, PTL and the last one DTL all of these are earned depending in the amount of VP that you manage to score in any given month except the DTL.

In other article I will cover more about the ranks and how many VP you need for each one.

I think this is everyhing that I can write about VP without saying too much.

Have any questions or comments? leave them below or contact me here.

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Vanda Zuzek

That is great side! Thank you Francisco!