Get your own video splash page to promote SFI and Tripleclicks

Why you should have one in the first place?


This time I like to discuss about how to get your own video splash page but first let me tell you why you should get one in the first place.

The reason is more obvious than you may think, branding, with your own video splash page will be stand over the rest of SFI affiliates that are just using the standard gateway to promote.

Make yourself unique from the rest will sure have a more positive impact in your recruiting efforts in the short and long term.

Give a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed of the results.

Take a look in my splash page

But before to tell you how you can get your video splash page I will show you the page that was created for me click in the image below to see how yours may look.

Video splash page promoting SFI and Tripleclicks

Here is a example of how yours may look

Do you like the video? Aside from this video you can choose from other two types if you like.

You can even order 3 Video splash pages if you can afford it obviously.

The video will be hosted in YouTube so you can embedded it in your own website if you like.

Now let see where I get mine so you can get yours to start promoting SFI and Tripleclicks in a more unique way.

So how do I get one?

You can get one in an ECA store in called “Eagle Marketing” click in the button below to visit it.

Eagle Marketing button
Once you have placed your order you will be contacted by e-mail from the ECA and you need to fill some details in an online form.

Then in a very short time your new video splash page will be created so you can start use it for promoting.


I believe that with this tool you can have a very good advantage over the rest of affiliates so do not lost the time and get yours today.

Did you want to add something more to what I have say above? Feel free to leave a comment below or you can contact me in this page.

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